Your body. Your rules.



 Fighting against unattainable beauty standards one client at a time. Our superpowers are to help you see how beautiful you are, right now, without Photoshop.




Mainstream media wants women to believe that they are not pretty enough, thin enough, or good enough, unless their photos are completely retouched. They want women to compare themselves to every supermodel and movie star on the cover of magazines, all while knowing that most women will never measure up. And, in reality, the women on the covers don’t usually even like the women on the covers!

Self-Hate is a sneaky villain, as it attacks from within. It makes women turn on themselves, forcing them to only see the “flaws” and “imperfections.” Women begin to hate what they see in the mirror, blinding them of all the beauty and uniqueness that is theirs alone. Instead of seeing the warm, beautiful, sexy woman the world sees, Self-Hate makes women see themselves as fat, dull, ugly, and flawed.

We pledge to defeat these villains and change the way you see, and treat, yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Book a session with us to reclaim and embrace your uniqueness and join us in the fight for REAL beauty in all its sizes, ages, and shapes!



Boudoir Sessions are available year round for no additional charge in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Convieniantly located in the Inland Empire, we have been shooting women of all ages and sizes since 2009. 


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What our clients have to say:


“In the last few years I have been through quite a bit; breast cancer survivor, chemo, complete breast reconstruction, divorce, and weight loss. I went and had an incredible experience here and would not only recommend this but promote them as well. I have never felt this sexy, or beautiful in my life, ever! Not to mention how professional the staff is and yet how fun they made this experience. The makeup artist is an artist bar none; I looked in the mirror and almost cried. She transformed me into a sexy, beautiful, confident woman. Plus, she was so sweet and really cool to talk to. The photographer, owner, is incredible. She helped pick out the perfect outfit to flatter my body. I was so comfortable with her and her talent is unbelievable. Needless to say, my pictures were perfect. I couldn’t believe how beautiful they turned out. Every woman should do this for herself. It changed me, I am confident, beautiful, sexy, and have the pictures to prove it! J XO”

-Ms. A


“Mistie and Emily are truly phenomenal women. I was blown away, not only by their technical professionalism and incredible talent, but also by their kind nature and ROCKIN’ sense of humor. The makeup artist, Monique, is SO talented and sweet, I felt so at home in this place. I thank you all so much and I can’t wait to be back for another session. Whether you’re shy, outgoing, bold, or subtle, this is the place to have some gorgeous shots taken. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

-Ms. L


“Just wanted to say Thank You So Much for an amazing experience. I had so much fun doing this photo shoot. I would highly recommend any woman to this once in her lifetime, or a few. It is definitely a huge confidence boost. Loved the different sets, very friendly, professional, and amazing photos. It was hard not to buy every single one! I will be back soon! Love you gals!”

-Ms. T



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