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I'm Mistie, the founder and CEO of Little Black Dress. I know you're probably super nervous about booking your shoot, so I wanted to share with you a little bit about my team and what makes them some of the best in the business.

#1 My lead photographer, Emily, is crazy good at her job. We have helped thousands of women see just how amazingly hot they are. And no, we don’t just shoot skinny young models. Our clients range in size from 00-32, and age 18-83. Believe me Emily, and I have seen it all, and it’s all beautiful.


#2 Like many of you, Emily is a Mom. She has an adorable, temperamental, two year old at home who makes her incredibly happy one moment and then makes her want to lose her mind the next. I am sure many of you can relate. Right? I know I can. Haha.


#3 Feminism is our favorite F word. However, we have been known to use the other, more famous one from time to time. Or you know, all the time. If occasional swearing bothers you, or if you are against women’s equality, we may not be the best company for you.


#4 Not only is Emily one of the top Boudoir Photographers in Southern California, because duh, I taught her ;) lol. But, I also teach other photographers all over the world to be awesome too. I know right? You have definitely come to the right place.


#5 Before you continue any further, you should know that a Boudoir Session with Emily and my team is extremely addicting. So much so, that it even comes with a warning label. WARNING: Highly addictive. Will cause high self-esteem and positive body image.


#6 Most importantly, a photo session with Emily is so much more than just a photo shoot. It is an experience. An experience that allows you to let go of negative body beliefs and just love the shit out of yourself.

I take my life’s mission to empower women through my lens, and through my fabulous team in Rancho Cucamonga seriously. This is a judgement free space. Not one image on this website or any of our social media accounts has been photoshopped. We will never photoshop you, thereby telling you that you aren’t good enough right now. You don’t need it. You are perfect.

You deserve to have glamorous, sexy pictures of yourself that light you up when you look at them. We make that a reality for women just like you , every single day.


I no longer shoot for Little Black Dress Boudoir in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. I have started a second higher end, company that is focused on custom, intimate portrait sessions. If interested in shooting with me directly, shoot me an email for my current rates and availability. My contact info is:



To book with Emily, please fill out the contact form and send us a message!



Mistie Simone



Boudoir Sessions are available year round for no additional charge in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Convieniantly located in the Inland Empire, we have been shooting women of all ages and sizes since 2009. 


Have questions? Ready to book? Call or text 909.552.2569. 


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What our clients have to say:


“In the last few years I have been through quite a bit; breast cancer survivor, chemo, complete breast reconstruction, divorce, and weight loss. I went and had an incredible experience here and would not only recommend this but promote them as well. I have never felt this sexy, or beautiful in my life, ever! Not to mention how professional the staff is and yet how fun they made this experience. The makeup artist is an artist bar none; I looked in the mirror and almost cried. She transformed me into a sexy, beautiful, confident woman. Plus, she was so sweet and really cool to talk to. The photographer, owner, is incredible. She helped pick out the perfect outfit to flatter my body. I was so comfortable with her and her talent is unbelievable. Needless to say, my pictures were perfect. I couldn’t believe how beautiful they turned out. Every woman should do this for herself. It changed me, I am confident, beautiful, sexy, and have the pictures to prove it! J XO”

-Ms. A


“Mistie and Emily are truly phenomenal women. I was blown away, not only by their technical professionalism and incredible talent, but also by their kind nature and ROCKIN’ sense of humor. The makeup artist, Monique, is SO talented and sweet, I felt so at home in this place. I thank you all so much and I can’t wait to be back for another session. Whether you’re shy, outgoing, bold, or subtle, this is the place to have some gorgeous shots taken. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

-Ms. L


“Just wanted to say Thank You So Much for an amazing experience. I had so much fun doing this photo shoot. I would highly recommend any woman to this once in her lifetime, or a few. It is definitely a huge confidence boost. Loved the different sets, very friendly, professional, and amazing photos. It was hard not to buy every single one! I will be back soon! Love you gals!”

-Ms. T



Top Women's Boudoir Studio In The Inland Empire and Orange County. 100% All Female Staff, With 9 Years Of Experience. Hair and Makeup Styling , Wardrobe Provided.