Mistie's Top Ten Lists

10 things about me that you should know.

#1   I'm crazy good at my job. I have helped thousands of women see just how amazingly hot they are. And no, I don't just shoot skinny young models. My clients range in size from 00-32, and age 18-83. I have seen it all, and it's all beautiful. 

#2   Like many of you, I am a Mom. I have two kiddos, who make me incredibly happy one moment and then make me want to drink a whole bottle of wine the next. I'm sure many of you can relate.

#3   Feminism is my favorite F word. However, I have been known to use the other, more famous one from time to time. Or you know, all the time. If you are against swearing or women's equality, I may not be the best photographer for you.

#4   Probably the only time you will find me willingly spending the day outside, is if you see me at Disneyland. And if you do, come on over and say hi. I don't bite, at least not anymore. 

#5   Sinatra is life. Or at least completely amazing in every way.    

#6   If you haven't heard of Hamilton, the musical. Not the person. Than we can not be friends. J/K, but seriously go look it up and listen now. You can thank me or blame me later.  

#7   Not only am I an incredibly awesome Boudoir Photographer in Orange County, CA, but I also teach other photographers all over the world to be awesome too. I know right? You have definitely come to the right place.    

#8   Before you continue any further you should know that a Boudoir shoot with me and my team is extremely addicting. So much so that it even comes with a warning label. WARNING:Highly addictive! Will cause high self-esteem and positive body image.

#9   Just some random fun facts

I love presents, funny meme's, musicals, stella Rosa, old movies and good books. 

Anything that sparkles is basically a must have because, duh. 

Dinosaurs are the best animals, I mean have you ever read the book T-Rex Trying? if not, do it. Trust me. 

Batman is the best superhero, even though he has no super powers. And, yeah I'm kind of a huge dork, but you know a sexy dork lol.

#10   Most importantly, a photo session with me and my team is so much more than just a photo shoot. It is an experience. an experience that allows you to let go of negative body beliefs and just love the shit out of yourself. 

I take my life's mission to empower Women through my lens, seriously. This is a judgement free space, and I will never photoshop you, thereby telling you that you aren't good enough right now, because you are perfect. You deserve to have glamorous, sexy pictures of yourself that light you up when you look at them. I make that happen for women just like you, every single day. 

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