Lately, I have not been feeling myself. I have some medical issues, and I’ve had to change my medication which made me gain some weight. It’s a bit triggering, as I had an unhealthy relationship with my body when I was younger, and it took me a long time to lose weight in a healthy manner. I have been experiencing vertigo, which makes it difficult to do my favorite workouts, which makes it hard to deal with stress- I used to burn it off. I had a miscarriage, which was awful and messed with my emotions, and left me feeling even weaker than before.
So last week I asked Mistie to shoot me in something different. If I can tell my clients that they should just go through with it, and love themselves now- I can too. I can relate to wanting to lose those 10 lbs., to wanting to feel into the process. To be honest, I wasn’t excited for my shoot (probably the first time that’s happened).
So why am I sharing? Because we all go through phases of insecurity, and that is ok. Normal even. But I still need to love myself- in whatever form. Photos can be a testament of more than what your body looks like. It can be a facet of who you are, what you are feeling, where you’ve been. Life is not a straight line- it’s full of ups and downs, highs, lows, and everything in between. Perfection is boring.
We told wonderful Makeup Artist Sydney to do what she wanted with my makeup. She was awesome and rocked my makeup. As Mistie and I went through my bag, creating an outfit became fun. I love dress-up. We decided on a Courtney Love/ grunge look to work well with the makeup. I made Mistie turn on riot grrl music, which she kindly did (not her fav). I posed, she shot, and it was over.
When I viewed my photos, it was a revelation. I looked different to be sure, but I looked fine- good even. The curve of my waist is still there, my hair looked fantastic, and the girls looked great. My snarky smile is still there. My body has changed, but I’m still the same person. These photos are just another facet of me. I feel like sometimes we ladies need a reminder that no matter what is going on, we should stop and reflect on ourselves. What makes you feel good? Everyone has something special and everyone is beautiful. Society, media, and all of the everyday life things throws our way can make us forget that. Respect your body ladies- you only get one. And it’s beautiful.
Side note- not that it matters much in the larger scope of things, but my husband loved these pictures. They are some of his favorites, and I’ve taken a LOT of photos here at Little Black dress. Some part of my reptilian brain was nervous about giving them to him. It was supposed to be a V-Day gift, but nerves got me and I gifted early ( I know some of you can relate to that!). I know I tell you ladies all the time, but you look great. Giving boudoir photos as a gift? He will love them. How could he not? You are giving of yourself.
That’s all I got!
* Emily is a photographer here at Little Black Dress. She has been with the team for Two years and spends her days helping women see just how fabulous, they really are.


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