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Self- care is important. Women, especially you super moms out there, tend not to take time to spoil yourselves. I firmly believe that when you are happy, the results affect everyone around you- your kids, your partner, the people you work with- everyone around you. When I am stressed out I am not a great person to be around. I am jumpy, feel sick, get headaches. If I cook, its something thrown together without thought. If I clean, it's a half-assed job. If one little thing someone says bothers me, it's a full on fight. Not the best way to live. So what can you do?

Everyone has a different thing they can enjoy and relax with- just take some time to yourself. Pamper yourself. Meditate, think, clear your head, relax. I mean, the glaringly obvious answer is come see me at Little Black Dress for a boudoir session and reclaim yourself. Nothing like a sexy photoshoot and some steamy photos to make you feel like a million bucks. =)

We know that's not always possible. Maybe you are working too much to see us. Maybe it's baseball season, etc. You need to find something else to balance yourself.

I like massage. I know I carry my stress in my shoulders, and that contributes to headaches, which I get often. So a good massage can alleviate stressed muscles.

A massage therapist who knows their craft can also release endorphins- producing a sense of euphoria ( ever felt so good after a massage you can fall asleep, or just don't want to move?). You feel invigorated, but relaxed at the same time. You can feel your blood flowing, where you felt tight and wound up.

But I think the most important thing I get out of a good massage is the decrease in depression. I often have anxiety, or feel depressed. When you have gotten a massage and tension has been released out of your muscles, the stress seems to melt away. I rarely leave a massage feeling anxious.

Just a tip from me- try Thai massage. It's my favorite. I like a strong massage, and Thai massage really gets those knots out.

You may have something else you enjoy. Take the time to find what gives you relaxation. It's important. It's good for everyone.


Emily Maggard

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