One thing I have noticed while working at Little Black dress is when our ladies view their photo collections many of them say the same thing:

“That can’t be me.”

They are amazed. Well, I am amazed as well. But I understand it- I did the same thing when I first had a shoot. We judge ourselves more harshly than we do others. I see them all, fresh faced, maybe a bit rushed from dropping their kids off somewhere, or fighting traffic, but they all look lovely. No makeup dry hair, as per instruction. Excited, maybe a bit nervous. They go into hair and makeup, and then to wardrobe, spend time with either Mistie or Ashley, and a few hours later, view their photos. Yes, they look different (red lips maybe, or curls in their hair), but they still look like themselves. I do love that they leave with a bounce in their step.

I always try to explain it to them- the camera cannot make you into another person. We do not Photoshop. You just never see yourself like that.

I’ve had a lot of jobs. Waitress. Bartender. Restaurant manager. Non-profit fundraiser. Office manager in a physical therapy clinic. Executive Assistant in a kustom motorcycle shop (yes, it was spelled that with a “k”, like the Kardashians). Preschool teacher in a private school. SAT tutor. Freelance writer. None of them felt right- irregular hours, no benefits, no joy in the work. But that’s what a job is right? That’s why they call it work, right? Not, hey honey, I’m going to happy fun time now, have a great day?

But this job is the best. This is the place that give women another viewpoint on themselves, an opportunity to see themselves in another light, with someone else’s eyes. For women to celebrate themselves, to claim their own bodies, find a sense of self- that is truly empowering. When I look at billboards and magazines and see overly retouched images of “perfect women” and know how it affects me, but then go to work and I have a client who came in to celebrate a milestone ( a bout with cancer, a 25 year anniversary, a 50th birthday, etc.) these women are a gift and an inspiration.

I can truly tell people I love my job. It’s not work. It’s happy fun time.

I’m going to end this with a quote from one of our client’s reviews:

“What an amazing experience. I came in nervous and self-doubting and left feeling sexy with a new confidence and appreciation for myself. I now could see the what I saw as flaws or imperfections are really what makes me unique and beautiful. I am a person who needs to see results and proof and Little Black Dress gave me that gift. Mistie and her team are wicked talented [and] create the perfect environment for all women to embrace their sensuality and femininity. They are simply the best at what they do and the finished product in proof. No matter what “flaws” you may see in yourself, they have this magic to capture the true essence of your beauty and memorialize it in print. No Photoshop, no editing, just you and your natural beauty. I felt so empowered to accept and love my body and my appearance through this experience. In a world where society gives such conflicting messages to women about what is attractive, appropriate and appealing in regards to women and their sexuality, this gem of a place is a breath of fresh air, extremely liberating, it takes what society claims to be true and throws it out the window allowing just acceptance and embracing of ones self. Little Black Dress is a studio by women, for women, no jealousy or cattiness. It’s a group of women lifting each other up and celebrating the allure and artistry of the female form. All women should book a session with this incredible group of women and experience the freedom to embrace your beauty and sensuality. Take it from me, I was in awe when I viewed the images they took of me. I could not believe that it was me in the photographs. You owe it to yourself to book a session, take a day to celebrate your unique and gorgeous self.”

– Contessa Mendoza


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